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Our flagship service, this product has evolved over the last few years into a feature rich service, offering complete peace of mind to WordPress website owners.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does payment happen?

For subscription packages, the first payment happens when you sign up, and then on the monthly or annual anniversary of your signup, depending on the option you select.

Do I have to sign up for a subscription?

Yes, you do. You can either choose a monthly subscription or a yearly subscription.

Which payment methods do you accept?

You can pay by credit card or debit card. 

What Payment Gateway do you use?

We use PayFast as our Payment Processor.

No Credit Card details are stored on this website.

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Can I upgrade, downgrade or change my subscription?

Of course.  Our system is intended to cover all areas of site management, but we understand that customers have their own set of requirements that might not fit to our products, and as such we are committed to at the very least attempting to accommodate all reasonable requests.

Can I add my VAT number to my order?

Of course.  At checkout, just under your address, is a field to put your VAT number into. 

Please be sure to add your VAT number to each order.

How do I get changes made to my site?

Each package has a number of hours per month allocated to "content assistance", which is what we term changing content or structure of a site.  Each request is managed separately, and timed as the work is done.  The minimum duration is 10 minutes per request. Once the number of monthly hours is exhausted, the customer can either top up, or wait for the next month for work to continue.
To request changes you can login to this website, and go to your orders in accounts, and raise a support ticket from the specific package you have.
This is the best way to do it as we can then retain a link to your account on this website along with your subscription.
As an alternative, you can email support@radiantweb.co.za with your request.

How does support work? How do I get help?

Depending on the package type you have purchased, you get a number of "incidents" (errors or issues with the site) and you get a number of "content assistance" hours for any changes to the site.
All these need to be logged on our system as follows:
Either using the "Support" menu item above, or by raising a ticket from one of your purchased products in your account (this helps as we then have all the context we need).
Alternatively, you can login to http://support.radiantweb.co.za and log a ticket, or simply email support@radiantweb.co.za

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