Managed Hosting

Let us worry about your hosting - we know what to ask and how to ask, and we understand when issues are hosting related.

It just makes sense.

Hosting is an integral part of a website, and can define the sites customer experience.  Customers expect under 5 second load time and speed has a major effect on SEO. 

Aside from site optimisation, the other major factor in site performance is the platform it sits on.


We are positioned to assist our customers with achieving success with their website, whether it is a company website, a blog or a busy shop.  Many customers find the technicalities of hosting tricky to navigate, and this is where we can assist by providing a cost-effective and stable home for their site.

We assist with full domain migration, including website and email. For 3rd Party email services like Office365, the migration is much simpler as mail remains in place on the mail server.

We believe our customers are great at what they do, and we want to free up their time to achieve more success by providing a valuable service – optimsing their online assets.

Our core service of Website management relies on stable, secure and predictable home for the site, and it is therefore in the interest of the success of the site, to host it on an appropriate platform.  We assist in selection and optimisation of platforms, from a small shared hosting package to a full managed server. 

The host is also fundamentally part of the security fabric, and critical aspects like PHP need to be inline with WordPress requirements.

We assist with capacity management and ensuring the site is on a scalable platform that can handle increased traffic as required.

DNS Management​

Part of our service is managing the DNS, which is something that requires a high level of technical knowhow.​

CDN Management​

Where appropriate we setup CDN for clients requiring excellent speeds globally. This is fundamentally part of hosting although a separate service.​

Email Management​

We assist with Creating and Managing email accounts. Support is availabe as an ad hoc charge.

Hosting Support

We deal with the technicalities of hosting to ensure the sites performance and security are at the required levels.

Capacity Planning

As a sites traffic grows, it needs more processing and storage power. We keep an eye on this, and advise when and how to deal with growth.

Security Management

We keep sites secure by maintaining SSL Certificates, ensuring the PHP version is current, optimising directory permissions and managing the .htaccess file.

Many Options

We have partnered with the best to ensure all options are available to our customers.

Reliable, Stable - Best of Breed
Shared to VPS - Affordable & Scalable
Assistance - World Class Support
eMail & Website - Comprehensive
Free SSL Certificate - Secured

Secure SSL

Hosting packages include a free LetsEncrypt certificate, and we also can assist with the sourcing and implementation of any certificate on any platform.


Our goal is your websites success, and we own as much as possible of the process to ensure it.

monthly reporting

Along with our great packages and world-class support, our monthly report provides a transparent view of the websites health.

Managing your website ...
from End-to-End