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Our WordPress management service takes care of your online business so you don’t have to making sure every update, security issue, maintenance tasks and optimizations are done with care.

Like having your very own in-house developer at a fraction of the cost

A website is not something you build and leave – keeping it up and running smoothly is vital – with our WordPress Management service &  wordpress services packages, we will ensure your website is secure, up-to-date and always online.

When a project is launched, most clients choose to stay with us for our enterprise level support, maintenance and continuous improvement services. The fact that we have a dedicated internal support team working full time from our Cape Town office, makes or our specialist WordPress Management team. We’re one of the few WordPress agencies able to provide such thorough support services.

What we have to offer:

radiant webdev

Regular Backups

We backup WordPress and WooCommerce Websites securely to the cloud


Monthly Reporting

Comprehensive reports cover aspects of the service and website


World-class Support

We are geared to dealing with issues effectively and rapidly


Website Security

We use numerous tools to constantly probe for security breaches

Vulnerability Probing

Our service probes for vulnerabilities as they are identified


Up-time Monitoring

We keep an eye on the site ensuring hosting service levels are applied


Performance Monitoring

Website slow? We make your site blazing fast and optimized


SEO & Analytics Reporting

Our monthly report contains SEO performance and Analytics detail



We constantly apply updates, in a safe manner, for WordPress, themes and plugins

WordPress Management Service Overview









Protect Your Website Against Malware And Brute Force Attacks

Modern web standards enable the browser to tell you when you’ve misconfigured features such as HTTPS.

If you deploy HTTPS on your site but don’t serve all content over HTTPS too, including content like images and stylesheets, the browser may present a warning to the user and even block the content from loading. Are your visitors getting warning messages you don’t know about?

The browser can tell you when an attacker is attempting to exploit your customers and indeed they can even tell you when those attacks have been successful.

There are various different ways attacks like this can happen including Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) and more recently we’ve seen browser extensions turn rogue and attack their user. You can learn about these attacks in real-time and respond quickly.

Is your website compliant and ready for the latest generation of web standards? The browser can tell you whether or not you meet these standards before they come into effect.

Recently a new web standard came into effect called Certificate Transparency, is your site compliant?

Our real-time protection against intrusion and attacks. It will establish a barrier for automated attacks and spam bots, proactively checking incoming traffic and blocking requests of unwanted nature.

Automatically protect your website and its visitors with solutions that find, fix and block threats.

WordPress Security is extremely important. We begin the process of hardening your WordPress website with a comprehensive audit. Next, we focus on the standard vulnerabilities of your site. Once we have identified the potential security threats our experts put together a strategic action plan with a timeline to implement and prioritize the most serious problems.

Often ignored, Using a WordPress Management service is extremely important to your business – as your site might be subject to vulnerabilities you don’t know about, it’s always important to have additional safety measures, especially when it comes to the end user.

There are a lot of things to consider to when securing your website or web application, but a good place to start is to explore your HTTP security headers and ensure you are keeping up with best practices. HTTP security headers provide yet another layer of security by helping to mitigate attacks and security vulnerabilities.

With our WordPress Management service, we offer a full suite of security & WordPress services so that there is nothing ignored from a safety or design aspect.


For subscription packages, the first payment happens when you sign up, and then on the monthly or annual anniversary of your signup, depending on the option you select

Of course. Our system is intended to cover all areas of site management, but we understand that customers have their own set of requirements that might not fit to our products, and as such we are committed to at the very least attempting to accommodate all reasonable requests.

Yes, you do. You can either choose a monthly subscription or a yearly subscription.

Of course. At checkout, just under your address, is a field to put your VAT number into.

Please be sure to add your VAT number to each order.

You can pay by credit card or debit card – which is done securely via Payfast

Depending on the package type you have purchased, you get a number of “content assistance” requests for any changes to the site.
All these need to be logged on our system as follows:
Either using the “Support” menu item above, or by raising a ticket from one of your purchased products in your account (this helps as we then have all the context we need).
Alternatively, you can login to http://support.radiantweb.co.za and log a ticket, or simply email support@radiantweb.co.za