Premium WordPress Management

Our main focus is ensuring a predictable and secure web presence for any business.

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Our Features

Premium WordPress Management

Regular Backups

We backup WordPress and WooCommerce Websites securely to the cloud

Monthly Reporting

Comprehensive reports cover all aspects of the service and website

World-class Support

We are geared to dealing with all issues effectively and rapidly

Security Auditing

We use numerous tools to constantly probe for security breaches

Vulnerability Probing

Our service constantly probes for vulnerabilities as they are identified

Up-time Monitoring

We keep an eye on the site to ensure hosting service levels are applied

Performance Monitoring

We constantly check our sites performance in order to optimise

SEO & Analytics Reporting

Our monthly report contains SEO performance and Analytics detail


We constantly apply updates, in a safe and controlled manner, for WordPress, themes and plugins.


Content Assistance

We help add and update content, as well as structural changes to the site


We are always working on making our sites faster; faster = more effective

Providing You With a Reliable and Stable Web Presence

Monthly Reporting provides guidance for improvement

Security Is Our Top Priority. We provide multi-level security to all websites.

Easy Setup

Subscribe and Let Go

Once you subscribe, we will contact you in order to acquire administrative credentials, as well as cPanel and/or FTP and MySQL credentials.  Once we have these, we will report back to you within 48 hours with the following:

Status of the site, and a plan to correct any major issues

Documentation on how to get the best service using our Service Portal

A schedule of events for the site - what can be expected

A list of Plugins and Themes that need license keys for support

Satisfaction Guaranteed

World-Class Support

Our systems and personnel operate as one to ensure customer delight.  We take great pride in our service orientation and the relationships we have built over the years.

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