About radiantWEB - WordPress Digital Agency in Cape Town

radiantWEB’s main and sole purpose is to provide consumers with a safe, secure and predictable website presence

About us

Crafting Digital Experiences​

We aim to provide customers with a high-quality online presence, as well as the latest technologies to best maintain, measure and grow their business. We work flexibly with customers to address all their WordPress needs.

We’re agile, reliable and fast. We provide customers the solutions they need to host remarkable sites on WordPress that drive their business forward faster. Our relationships with WordPress developers, hosting companies, and long-term partners in specialised fields like digital marketing and creative design, empower our customers to fully harness the web.

Your success is our success, so our mission is to exceed your expectations and grow your business.

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Our Mission

We are a WordPress solutions company. We believe in service above all, which is why we’ve created a company that sees the customer as number one. We focus on helping customers get the most out of their websites by providing a full-service web presence offering. From website design to hosting and ongoing management, we have your online business covered.

Our Vision

radiantWEB’s main and sole purpose is to provide consumers with a safe, secure and predictable website presence, allowing their business to always look professional online.


years of successful work

Collectively, we have over 30 years experience in web design, support and management. This extensive experience allows us to rapidly understand customer requirements, and deliver professional and effective solutions.

For too long smaller companies have let their website assets go to waste from numerous reasons such as misinformation, mismanagement or lack of understanding about the asset they invested in.

If you bought a house, would you look after it constantly or let it go to waste? This principle applies to websites! Our objective is to help maintain and keep that investment safe and secure.